TBBW BA Vitis Sets

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TBBW BA Vitis Sets


We selected four barrels for this years edition.

1) Cognac - the French are a bit uptight and remove identifying marks from the barrels they sell; however, the vendor suggests it’s a Remy Martin VSOP.

2) Madeira - this barrel is a 10yo Malmsey Madeira imported from Portugal.

3) Grand Marnier - Curaçao is another Cognac based product which is accented with citrus. A very unique barrel to find!

4) Vanilla - this barrel originally held bourbon and then was used to make vanilla extract. During that process the barrel is packed with vanilla beans before a high Proof grain neutral spirit is added to extract the vanilla from the beans. The barrel remains filled for one year before the extract is ready.


Bottle pickups will begin on Friday March 1st and extend through Wednesday March 6th. Again, that’s the weekend before TBBW extending through the Wednesday of TBBW. Any bottles not picked up by Wednesday will be forfeited and put up for sale.

We are 100% non-negotiable on this pickup window. We understand that many of you are coming into town for the week and arriving on Thursday. If that’s the case, you need to get a trustee to pickup your bottles for you. You can then make an IP exchange here in Tampa. We simply can’t manage a bottle release, the Tasting Room and Magnumpalooza while also distributing sets. We over committed ourselves last year and won’t do it again.

We need your help here gang, it’s gonna be a busy week and we can’t have the Tasting Room filled with bottles. We’ll reward your efforts with 5 days of tappings which are effectively a greatest hits collection.

We do not ship mead. Bottles must be picked up at our taproom by you or your trustee.

If bottles are not picked up during assigned window, you will be refunded minus a 15% restocking fee.

NOTE: You or your trustee needs to bring their matching drivers license AND a trustee must have a photo of the PURCHASER'S ID to prove that they are of legal drinking age.

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